Blending everyday practicality with a touch of femininity

Rediscover your femininity with House of HUR’s range of products that admires your skin and inner beauty — all while staying true to you.

Skincare Meets Makeup

Feminine elegance is not about conforming to social norms, but about expressing yourself in a way that feels the most nurturing to you. Through our carefully selected ingredients, our utmost priority is to be kind with three things we keep in mind — clean, comfort, and caring.

At the heart of our mission

is to create products that transform your daily routine into a soothing pampering experience, where each application feels like a comforting embrace. 

Effortlessly feminine, authentically yours.

We aim to bridge the gap between functionality and skin-caring ingredients. 

Unleash your authentic potential by enhancing the natural beauty that sets you apart, using skin-caring and luxurious colors that truly define your individuality.

Skin deep elegance

Highlight your best features, embrace imperfections, and celebrate your authentic self. Beauty goes beyond the surface of makeup; it resides in the inner radiance of kindness, compassion, and authenticity that emanates from within.